STARBUCKS ‘Red cup’ viral films

Starbuck's “Fear Santa” is a holiday viral film where a holiday shopper leaves his Starbuck’s Red Cup on top of a cab and goes on a wild ride through the streets of San Francisco. 

Starbuck's “Tis’ The Season” is the 2nd viral holiday film where a Starbuck’s Red Cup goes on a journey through a crowded airport ending up being kidnapped by a crazed Santa.

The Red Cup viral campaign featured on the


The campaign earned a Cannes Silver Lion and D&AD Yellow Pencil.

What if hockey fans actually got tougher as they watched the games? Fox Sports NHL 'The More Hockey You Watch, The Tougher You Get' campaign shows different hockey fans watching game, and simultaneously gaining in toughness. 

The campaign featured in Shoot magazine.


The Fox Sports MLB 'Beware Of Things Made In October' campaign earned a Cannes Gold Lion.

Beware of Things Made In October insight came from the fact that baseball fans are completely absorbed in the baseball playoffs - even at work. Baker Smith of Harvest directed the campaign. The spot 'Nailgun' was nominated for an Emmy.

The spot 'Nailgun' was nominated for an Emmy and featured in Shoot magazine.

The campaign featured in Adweek magazine.

NIKE ‘Guerilla Tennis’

The spot earned a Cannes Silver Lion.

Tennis has always been seen as more of a reserved, quiet sport where the crowd has to hush for every point. Nike wanted to bring more excitement to the game, so we brought tennis out of the court and into the streets. 'Guerilla Tennis' was shot by Spike Jonze.

Guerilla Tennis redone over 20 years later!


This campaign won One Show Gold.

Nike’s ‘Playball. Please.’ campaign was launched as the baseball strike began. The work featured a lone fan doing things in an empty baseball stadium to pass the time.

The 1994–95 Major League Baseball strike led to the cancellation of between 931 and 948 games overall, including the entire 1994 postseason and World Series.

The campaign featured in Baseball Weekly.

The campaign featured in the Wall Street Journal.