Our launch video currently has a combined 30 million views on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

It will take 208 years to achieve gender equality in the United States. 208, WHAT?! Since that number sounds like some kind of joke, we had comedians tell us and how ridiculous it is because #EqualityCantWait.

This project is done in partnership with Melinda Gates company Pivotal Ventures in Seattle.

Our launch video first appeared on Twitter. It currently has 19 million views.

We created a series of 3 videos called ‘Equal Mics’ that speak to different topics. Sarah Silverman and Melinda Gates talk about Women in Leadership. Ilana Glazer and Melinda discuss Women in Tech.

Social posts on Twitter and Instagram use humor to drive conversation around serious topics.

Our team partnered with Vox.com to create a unique Explainer Video to highlight all of the factors that went into the 208 year stat to substantiate the number.

Michelle Obama tweeted out our campaign launch video.