Bubly - Giphy Page

After 5 weeks, we've had 1.4 billion GIPHY views.

We were the first brand ever to launch on GIPHY.com. We we looked at the most popular keyword searches, cultural moments, days of the week and trending GIFs to create content specific to what people were already talking about.

On GIPHY.com, we introduced our playful personality, and instead of creating ads, our GIPHY content was our own digital language designed to get everyone to “crack a smile”.

Our personality played perfectly on social, where we created 1000 GIFs for people to use and share, partnered with The Most GIPHed Man, Neil Patrick Harris.

The bubly brand was invented by R/GA.


LIFEWTR - #BringArtBackToSchools

This video has currently 20 million views. 

Art education in schools are facing extreme cuts. Over 80% of schools face funding cuts with art often the first thing to go. For LIFEWTR Series 4 Arts in Education we are proud to share our new mission to #BringArtBackToSchools.

Students who participate in art are 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. That’s why this year, LIFEWTR is putting art back in the hands of one million students through multiple initiatives, including a new collaboration with Scholastic.

We invited young people and adults to put their creativity to the test to prove the importance of art. On Arts Advocacy Day we invited people to join by sharing this video and telling us why you think we should #BringArtBackToSchools. 

Lucy Liu became a brand ambassador for the project and was featured on GMA.


The art advocacy group Americans For The Arts supported the effort on Twitter.


The CEO of Pepsi CO Indra Nooyi highlighted her support for the initiative on her Twitter page.

Bring.TwiiterPage.6 copy.jpg

LIFEWTR - #FashionIsArt

All fashion begins with a sketch, capturing the designer’s artistic vision in its purest form. During NYFW, we celebrated the art of fashion by turning a diverse range of styles into custom fashion sketches.

Our artists live-sketched looks from around the world as people took to Twitter and Instagram to show why #FashionIsArt.

With this, we opened up the conversation at NYFW, creating a dialogue that encouraged people to reconsider fashion through an artistic lens. Influencers and celebrities joined in the Fashion event from Katie Holmes, Macklemore, Winnie Harlow and Alana Hadid. 

LIFEWTR.Grid5 copy.jpg


As we were tasked to launch the new LIFEWTR “Women in Art” series of bottles, we discovered a jarring statistic: 51% of today’s visual artists are women, yet their work makes up less than 5% of permanent collections. So to further drive the importance of featuring women artists on our bottles, we decided to amplify the idea and combat this under-representation by creating a new gallery for women to showcase their art.

We created the LIFEWTR Open Gallery: comprised of multiple media spaces including high-profile out-of-home in Times Square and a gallery wall built in Lincoln Center, NYC. We also turned the brand’s Instagram into a digital Open Gallery, showcasing more #ArtByAWoman.



We introduced LIFEWTR at Super Bowl 51 through a omnichannel 360 campaign inclusive of TVC, social response lab, a social activation, website and content across all social channels with a singular, purposeful message; 'Art makes life #MoreInspired.'

LIFEWTR - SUPERBOWL Twitter Responses

Live during the big game, we created a Twitter Response Lab where we worked with a number of WATER ARTISTS who responded to moments in the game (Lady GAGA'S halftime performance, Julian Edelman's game changing catch and the Patriots amazing comeback) along with different people's tweets with original water art. Water was placed on a clean flat surface, filled with ink and filmed then turned into posts on Twitter.


As our Super Bowl spot launched, we simultaneously created a mobile activation where anyone could take the ART OFF OUR BOTTLE and layer it over their photos. John Legend and multiple NFL stars joined in the social extension.

coke instagram

When Coca-Cola was named the Cannes Marketer of the Year, Leo Burnett wanted to acknowledge this achievement at the Cannes Festival. But we didn't want to do just another "From: Leo To: Coke" print ad. Instead, we took this as an opportunity to involve the entire Leo Burnett network in a social cheers using the hashtag #ToCoke.

We spread the word from Chicago to Sydney and encouraged all Burnetters to grab a Coke and snap a photo of them performing a cheers with a co-worker or friend, a family member, statue of Leo Burnett, semi-trained lion, or anyone whoever/whatever they wished. Then, simply tag it using #ToCoke.

After seven short days, we had over 200 photos submitted - with the earliest photos being used in a print ad that ran in the Cannes program book throughout the week. When the client saw the ad and checked out #tocoke on Instagram, they were greeted by the network-wide cheers courtesy of Leo Burnett.


PrEP allows anyone with HIV to take one pill once a day to avoid transmitting the virus. Instead, you transmit LOVE.

PrEP4love.com This campaign was seen throughout the greater Chicago area.

Creative Directors AJ Hassan and Eric King.


Hallmark shared this online-video in targeted posts on Facebook. It highlights the incredible range of relationships that can come from a single Hallmark card. A card that simply reads: 'You're My Person'. Each couple's relationship is brought to life through their backstory.

The viral video stirred a large amount of social conversation on FB from the targeted posts. Most of which was very positive. But social media does give anyone and everyone the opportunity to comment. And we saw a huge range of responses.

CD's Eric King, AJ Hasssan. Director Michael Bonfiglio/Radical Media. Writer Jack Dess, Art Director Cristina Hernandez. White House Post Edit.

Article in HuffPo.

Article in Glamour Magazine.

HALLMARK VIRAL FILM - 'City of Appreciation'

This online film from Hallmark reminds us all that while we're enjoying the holidays with our friends and family, someone ELSE is working tirelessly to keep us safe. Watch as complete strangers come together to express their appreciation for these unsung heroes.

The film was shot on location in Chicago using all real people and their real stories.

Creative Director are AJ Hassan and Eric King. Directors Loki Films. Writer Jack Dess. Art director Cristina Hernandez. Cutter's Kathryn Hempel Editor.


2 shortlists in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

Bullies are using the platforms like Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and Twitter to hurt other young people. So this year, Secret wanted to take social media back with a live event called the TAKEOVER. This Secret 'Mean Stinks' digital effort linked over 2,000 schools on YouTube LIVE to spread NICE through social media.

Over 40,000 students participated. The event was featured on the TODAY SHOW.

Creative Directors on the Takeover are Eric King and Susan Treacy.


Cannes Chimera has award our Humankind (HmKd) Stock Ticker as a finalist for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Challenge at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

The Gates Foundation wanted to change the world's perception that AID isn't working. So we looked at AID as an INVESTMENT IN HUMANKIND and created the HumanKind Stock Ticker (symbol HmKd). The ticker shows that the more we invest in humanity - the higher the HumanKind Stock Ticker will rise.

The Chief Creative Officer on HmKd is Mark Tutssel. Writer Derek Sherman.


The microsite PASS THE PLATE is a social donation plate that allows you to create a plate and share it with friends through Facebook. People can donate to the plate, then simple pass it along. Local celebrities like Saturday Night Lives' Cecily Strong and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco created their own plates.

Pass The Plate featured on Ads Of The World.

Project Imagin8ion - Case Study

Project Imagin8ion earned a 2012 Gold Cannes Media Lion, Silver Lion for Branded Content and a Bronze PR Lion.

100,000 images were entered into Canon's Project Imagin8ion in just 20 days. At a world record pace, photographers entered their images into 8 key cinematic categories: Character, Setting, Mood, Relationship, Time, Goal, Obstacle, and the The Unknown. Ron Howard selected the 8 winning images, then his team of writers and producers used them as inspiration creatively weaving them into a short film that was premiered at the Natural History Museum November of 2011.

Project Imagin8ion was featured on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fox News, The Today Show and Attack of The Show. On-Line articles appeared on huffingtonpost.com, cbsnews.com, theinspirationroom.com, Digiphotomag.com, Adrants.com, and pmanewsline.com.

Film trailer for 'When You Find Me', produced by Ron Howard and directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Project Imagin8ion - Site

Project Imagin8ion launched in May 2011 and was featured in the Los Angeles TImes.

It's the first ever user-generated photo contest to inspire a Hollywood short film. In the next month, 8 photos will be chosen by Ron Howard to set the stage for his next production. The project will conclude with Ron creating a short film that will premier November 2011 in New York.

Canon 'Parade' is the launch spot directed by Dante Ariola at MJZ.

Here's the YouTube Masthead launching the contest.

Project Imagin8ion featured in the Los Angeles Times.

An article on CNN Entertainment.

A piece from Aweek's Ad of the Day.

Project Imagin8ion was the number one most viewed piece in the Science and Technology section of YouTube.

Canon's Project Imagin8ion spent over a week at number one on AdCritic. It was the most shared piece of creative for over 2 months on the site.

CANON 'What's Your Angle?'

This print campaign appeared in Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire and Wired.

This campaign launches the Canon 60D. It's the first ever DSLR camera to have a swiveling LCD allowing photographers to shoot from more extreme angles. The copy line simply reads, 'Introducing the EOS 60D. Featuring our first ever 270 degree swivel LCD. Canon.'

Here is an article from Resource Magazine about the campaign.

CANON ‘Story Beyond The Still’

Canon's 'The Story Beyond The Still' project on Vimeo.com won the 2010 Cannes Gold for Branded Content, Silver in Promotions and Bronze in Titanium/Integrated.

The final film, with all 8 Chapters stitched together, was screened at Sundance Film Festival. The Story Beyond The Still contest page has all of the submitted videos, the finished film and the filmmaker forums. Click here to view the page.

Working with the Pulitzer Prize winner photographer Vincent Laforet and Vimeo.com, we created the first ever user-generated HD film contest where photographers become directors and they look beyond the still. The contest, an 8 month program, was started by giving Vincent Laforet a single still photo which he interpreted in an HD video titled 'Cabbie'. Shooting with the Canon 5D, his film ends with another still, which is then passes onto the next film-maker to re-interpret, taking the story in a new direction. It's a social experiment in the world of film-making. An HD video chain letter with still photographs as the link.

This is the case study video that was submitted to the Cannes Film Festival. The video shows us how the idea grew on Vimeo.com.

The digital film contest was featured on Creativity Online.

The Story Beyond The Still featured on PhotographBay.


The Story Beyond The Still featured on PandemicLabs.

CANON interactive ONLINE

This is the first online banner campaign that features side by side fully interactive HD videos.

The viewer can click on either side and launch the still to see the story that lies beyond it, or click on the right side to launch the behind the scenes 'making of' story about the photographer/film-maker that created the video. In the world of online banners, these are breaking some new ground.